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Additional Services
a) Building Audits
  1. We carry out inspections, prepare reports and give general advice on the condition of premises
  2. We prepare schedules of dilapidation and negotiate them on behalf of landlords or tenants and in preparation for remedial work, we take particulars on site, preparing specifications for repairs and supervise their execution
  3. We document existing Structures to produce Layouts and Elevations for further use
b) Feasibility Studies
  1. We undertake preliminary technical appraisal of a project in sufficient detail to inform the clients decision on proceeding with the project,
  2. We undertake town planning inquiries or application for outline town planning approval before fully developing a design to establish town planning attitude to the design
  3. We advise on the need for consultants, establish an outline timetable and suggested contract procedure
c) Development Plans
  1. We prepare development plans which will be carried out over a number of years for any large building or, more commonly, a complex of buildings
d) Works Studies
  1. Operational research, including works study, before preparing a client’s initial statement of requirements as needed for consideration of the brief and development of outline proposals
e) Urban Design
  1. We undertake a goal directed overview design in urban development, eventually culminating in the individual construction measures which create the physical urban space. This is an area fast involving private intervention especially necessary as the idea of the private urban area grows in the country.
f) Landscape Design
  1. We design outdoor areas with the aim of achieving an aesthetic, environmental, and social behavioral outcome. We especially direct the use of hard landscaping and work with a Landscape planting specialist to manipulate soft landscaping to achieve the desired end.
g) Interior Design
  1. We work with our clients to optimize the layout, construction, and overall appeal of interior spaces harmonizing the uses to which the interior environment will be put and. to create personalized environments
h) Quantity Surveying
  1. We prepare cost estimates, Bills of Quantities, and value work executed
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