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The Firm
Founded in 2007, the nascent firm of Spectrum Architects has created a name as a young and fresh practice providing a full range of quality architectural services to assist in bringing your ideas from concept to reality. We believe in direct participation and a hands-on approach in all phases of the design and construction process. We are committed to providing each project, large and small with the utmost in personal, specialised attention.

With a significant collective experience our Principals have undertaken a wide range of projects ranging from residential, to commercial and public buildings. Bringing this experience to Spectrum Architects allows us to offer a balanced design approach that develops creative solutions and translates them into buildings that respect project economics, functional use of space, and flexibility for future needs.

The firm has a deep commitment to all partners in the design process; as facilitators we bring together a team of consultants and implementors to solve problems collectively. Ultimately we create spaces that meet the most exacting requirements of the Client- from the general concept to the minutest detail on all scales of project.

Project teams are sized to suit the commission, creating experienced support teams for large and small projects alike. This offers an efficient mode of work as all staff members have an intimate knowledge of the task at hand. Maintaining continuity of involvement from the Principals on a day to day basis leads to greater benefits for the project as a whole.

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